You work in the Inquirer Newsroom? So why aren't you out networking?

I spend a lot of my working life in a windowless office in my World Headquarters (OK, it’s in the basement…someone once took note when I said it was “windowless” and responded “Oh, you use a Mac?”)

So I try to go to lots of events to network and market my services. It’s productive time, but I didn’t realize until I actually started my own consulting practice how much time I would need to spend doing those things. So whenever I can go to an event someone else organizes, I do. I consider a networking meeting a success if I engage in at least one business card exchange during the evening.

Tonight was one like that. Irene Maslowsky, the irrepressible PR empress of northern New Jersey, has helped her client, Boss Staffing, establish a regular series of monthly networking happy hours for creative types, like PR people, advertising copy writers, editors, graphic designers, art directors, etc. They do them in several cities on the first Wednesday of the month. You can find the schedule and location at CreativeConnects, a special page on the Boss website.

Philly creatives, especially Inquirer scribes watching the writing being erased from the walls as they prepare for the next career, please note: The party in our market is held at Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant, 4120 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127. Next one is in December.

You should come!

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