Women’s Army Corps examined in World War II Lecture Series at Brookdale College

The Women’s Army Corps is examined and analyzed by former Ft. Monmouth Command Historian Melissa Ziobro in the latest World War II Lecture at Brookdale Community College. For the spring 2013 series of lectures, we are offering a series of audio interviews with the speakers to generate interest and attendance for the live lectures. In past years, we’ve produced video podcasts from the lecture series, but we’ve put them on hiatus while we continue to seek sponsorship funding for wacposterstarthis important series of lectures.









Melissa Ziobro earned an MA in United States History from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. She served as a command historian at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ from 2004-2011; and currently teaches history at her alma mater. She serves on the executive council of Brookdale Community College’s Center for World War II Studies and Conflict Resolution. Her presentation is based on her article “Skirted Soldiers: The Women’s Army Corps and Gender Integration of the U.S. Army during WWII,” as published in On Point: The Journal of Army History, Spring 2012 Vol. 17 No. 4.


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