WB Resorts Development Gratified by North Wildwood Council’s Redevelopment Zone Vote for $175 Million Hotel and Indoor Waterpark Resort Complex; Jersey Shore’s First Indoor Waterpark Resort Will Create 400 Permanent Year-Round Jobs

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 WB Resorts  Development Gratified by North Wildwood Council’s  Redevelopment  Zone Vote for $175 Million Hotel and Indoor Waterpark Resort Complex

 Jersey  Shore’s First Indoor Waterpark Resort Will Create 400 Permanent Year-Round  Jobs

NORTH WILDWOOD, NJ – July 17, 2007 –  WB Resorts Development  praised the North Wildwood Council’s creation of a redevelopment zone that will  facilitate construction of the Jersey Shore’s first hotel and indoor waterpark  complex. The $175 million resort facility will add 425 high quality hotel rooms,  more than 400 year-round permanent full-time jobs, and significant tax revenues  to the city when it opens in 2010. Council approved the redevelopment zone for  WB Resorts’ project at a meeting here today.

WB Resorts, a partnership headed by  long-time local boardwalk property owner-manager Andrew Weiner and real estate  developer Brian Baratz, will develop the former Seaport Pier site into a 90,000  square-foot indoor, pirate-themed waterpark facility. A 425-room family oriented  hotel facility will be developed across the boardwalk, and the two properties  will be connected by an enclosed skyway. The hotel will include public  restaurants, an amusement arcade, a spa and fitness facility, and parking space  for more than 600 cars.

“Our family has been active in real  estate development and management in the Wildwoods since just after the First  World War, which gives us unparalleled expertise and insight into the family  shore resort market,” said Andrew Weiner, managing director of WB Resorts, who  also operates the Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood. “We are extremely gratified  by the Council’s decision and pleased to be working with North Wildwood to bring  this exciting, year-round resort destination complex to the Jersey Shore. This  development will truly extend North Wildwood’s tourism season from a few short  summer months, making the city into a highly desirable family resort destination  for the entire year.”

Indoor waterpark-hotels offer families a  high-quality vacation at an affordable price. Since 1994, the industry has grown  to an estimated 140 resorts with 24,000 rooms and 3.5 million sq. ft. of indoor  entertainment space as of 2006.

The North Wildwood waterpark will include  numerous water slides and body flumes, interconnected at all levels with  interactive water squirters, a wave pool, and other water-themed exhibits. In  addition, the park will feature lounge areas, a snack bar, a “lazy river,” and  an area for smaller children and their parents. The indoor waterpark will be  connected to the hotel facility via an enclosed aerial walkway.

The park will be packed with the same  safety-conscious features and services that have made Splash Zone one of the  safest waterparks, including shallow pools and well-designed sight lines, said  Weiner. Waterpark lifeguards will receive extensive lifesaving and rescue  training, he said. The indoor waterpark will be operational every day of the  year, providing a valuable all-weather entertainment alternative to the  Boardwalk.

The project’s high-quality hotel rooms  will be at least 450 sq. ft. – significantly larger than other local  accommodations, and higher than the industry average room size, to comfortably  accommodate families. The rooms will feature upscale amenities including  comfortable bedding, luxury toiletries, high-quality bathroom fixtures and  fittings, and easy internet access. Many of the rooms will have unparalleled  views of the beach and of the Wildwoods. Hotel guests will receive complimentary  admission to the waterpark. Public waterpark admission is expected to be  available depending on hotel occupancy. The hotel will employ a number of  environmentally sustainable construction techniques for energy efficiency and  recycling.

North Wildwood’s proximity to major  population centers provides a large base of potential customers, and an indoor  waterpark-hotel will encourage families to choose North Wildwood as a year-round  vacation destination. In contrast to highly seasonal outdoor waterparks and  amusement parks, an indoor waterpark will provide a consistent and comfortable  environment throughout the year where guests can enjoy the resort’s various  amenities and activities.

 WB Resorts expects to break ground on the  project by the end of 2008. Construction is projected to take approximately 16  months, with a grand opening in the spring of 2010.

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