Twitter “#ICChat” features @PodcastSteve discussing video for internal communications

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Twitter logoI was the guest speaker in the May 19, 2011 “CommAmmo” #ICChat Twitter chat hosted by Cleveland-based Sean Williams, a corporate communications practitioner.

The conversation about best practices for using video in internal communications settings lasted nearly 20 minutes past its scheduled one hour timeframe. You can download a transcript of the chat here.

A Twitter chat utilizes microblogging platform for conversations among interested parties. Participants highlight their comments related to the chat through the use of a “hashtag,” a keyword preceded by the “#” symbol (the US “number sign,” known in the UK as the  “hash” symbol, which gave rise to the expression hashtag. By searching on the hashtag, chat participants can filter Twitter streams to isolate related Tweets.

You can follow me on Twitter as @PodcastSteve.


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