Todd Cohen Launches BlogTalkRadio Show, “Let’s Talk Sales Culture!” on December 18

Todd Cohen, president of The Sales Leader LLC, will debut his new BlogTalkRadio talk show, "Let’s Talk Sales Culture!" on December 18 at 4pm Eastern Time. Subscribers to Todd’s podcasts and blog are invited to join the conversation about how to create effective sales culture in your organization.

Listen to Todd Cohen, The Sales Leader on internet talk radio

To join the conversation, point your browser at Todd’s BlogTalkRadio page on December 18 and look for the 4pm episode.

You can also join the show by calling in at (646) 929-1341. Todd will take questions from the audience and also have engaging conversations with guests from the sales community.

  Listen to the radio show promo here. (1:15 duration, Stereo MP3 file, 1.71mb)


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