Thesis was, I thnk, advanced for its time…but no one was collaborating online much back then…

I just spent a few minutes updating links to my clients in the New PR Wiki, Constantine Basturea’s great online directory of PR resources. I added my MBA thesis, “Bond Ratings in Cyberspace,” in which I looked at the attitudes of bond analysts toward the use of collaborative computer technology. I did this research in 1994, way before anyone had heard of blogs and podcasts, and the leading edge of collaborative technology was this new thing called Lotus Notes. I went to several “groupware” conferences that year as part of the research. The thesis was helpful to an organizational change-meister at S&P, Henry Carrier, who used it to help implement some changes in corporate culture at S&P.

Anyway, I’ve put the executive summary of the thesis online as a PDF. I’d love to hear comments from people about what I learned 12 years ago, and how it’s changed today.

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