The Lubetkin Media Companies – The Journey Forward

We’ve been on this journey for nearly nine years now. As we get ready to start our tenth year in business, we thought it was a good time to reflect on our mission and special strengths, and sharpen our brand focus on the services we provide.

LMC267x287When we started the company, our intial focus was providing strategic communications counsel to c-suite executives, building on our track record of success in corporate communications positions at Fortune 1000 companies.

Podcasting – Radio and TV Shows on the Internet

We rapidly recognized the importance of the new social media tools that were gaining popularity in the early part of the 2000s. Our Professional Podcasts LLC subsidiary, formed to leverage our expertise in broadcast production and news gathering to offer podcasting services to corporate and organizational clients, became the first non-broadcast firm dedicated to producing broadcast quality audio podcast programs.

When clients demanded video podcasting solutions we answered the call with a wide range of Internet-based video production services, including seminar videos, documentary style news reports, slideshow videos, and conference videos with slides embedded alongside the speaker.

We’ve earned more than a dozen awards for our audio and video programming, adding the prestige of professional recognition for our work to the valuable thought leadership and marketing visibility these programs offer our clients.

Traditional Still Photography: Firmly Part of Our Roots

Long before the rise of the Internet, for more than 30 years, we’ve also produced high quality photographic images that have appeared in a wide range of national publications, including The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Rolling Stone.

Despite restructuring in the news industry, the demand for quality visual journalism continues to grow. Over the past nine years, we’ve produced corporate photojournalism for a wide range of premiere organizational clients.

To recognize this increased demand for image communications, we established Steve Lubetkin Photography, and expanded our service outreach to the event and life cycle photography sectors, making ourselves available for such non-corporate photography as weddings and family gatherings.

Books and Music – Cultural Mileposts of Our Era

We love books. We love music.

We combined these two passions by curating a selection of book and music offerings under the brand Middle Chamber Books.

The Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple was believed to be the place where special knowledge about the orders of architecture, the laws of science and mathematics and love of the liberal arts, was conveyed to members of the Adept, and where understanding and enlightenment begin.

In the Middle Chamber Book Store, we highlight for purchase a collection of books and music products that appeal to several of our personal interests, and, we hope, to our customers.

Unifying Our Services, Clarifying our Brand

We are pleased to announce a new overarching organizational brand for our activities: Lubetkin Media Companies.

This rebranding better positions our activities, placing us clearly in the media production and distribution sectors where we invest most of our time: helping clients communicate effectively through audio, video and still images, both on the Internet and in other channels, and delivering published products that feed the mind and spirit.

Using an umbrella company rental from – Lubetkin Media Companies will be the umbrella brand for our documentary video productions for corporate and organizational clients.

We will sharpen the brand image for content in our other divisions:

  • Professional Podcasts will continue to be our signature brand for the production of radio and TV style programming delivered over the Internet and on client websites. Professional Podcasts content is found at
  • Steve Lubetkin Photography is our imprint for visual imagery in corporate photojournalism, party, event, wedding, and life cycle event videography and still photography, family legacy videos, and video slide shows. Our photography portfolio is at
  • Elevator Pitch Videos ( is our entry level video platform to provide small businesses and individuals with a short, lightly edited “elevator pitch” video they can use on their websites. It is aimed mainly at organizations with limited budget resources for video production who still recognize the important value of video in online marketing.
  • State Broadcast News ( is our soon-to-launch service for radio and television broadcast professionals to share audio and video content assets on a state and national level. We are uniquely positioned to offer network-style branding for journalists who contribute to our news report sites, by naming them for either the state or its nickname ( or
  • Middle Chamber Books ( is our Amazon Associates bookstore where we feature book selections in the broad categories of Freemasonry, Judaism, Genealogy, and Public Relations. We continue to produce the Middle Chamber Books and Music podcast featuring interviews and profiles of authors and musicians. We invite authors, musicians and their publicists to submit proposals for interview opportunities to

Each of these organizations will operate as a division of Lubetkin Media Companies. We’re excited to move forward with a new brand identity for our second decade.

We look forward to having you join us on the next part of our journey!

Steve Lubetkin
Managing Partner
Lubetkin Media Companies LLC


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