Thank you, Rick Derringer. Now I know I’m on the right track…

Rock legend Rick Derringer told BlogTalkRadio that Internet radio was the future of radio. Phew! I have been telling that to clients and audiences for months. I feel vindicated. I don’t think satellite radio will ultimately survive. It’s too expensive to keep sending the Space Shuttle up there to change the blinking red lights on the satellites. (OK, I’m kidding. But it is way too expensive to pay for transponder space to beam words and music back to earth.) Once someone figures out the WiMax issue of making it as easy to tune Internet radio coast-to-coast in a car, no one will want a sat radio. Not with 10,000 streams of all kinds available from all over the world.

Yes, Sirius/XM will keep its beautiful studios and still produce programming, but without the crushing financial burden of those satellites. (Dave Bowman, Star Child? Need you to do a little house cleaning please.)

Some quotes from the BlogTalkRadio Blog…

“Those days of radio, people figure, are gone because radio is so controlled and it’s so big – Clear Channel and all those stations – it’s programmed and it’s so controlled that that can’t happen anymore.

“Radio stations, no matter how big they are – the terrestrial stations, we call them – are limited by the output of their transmitter, which means they can only be heard within a certain given metropolitan area,” he says.

“These stations, like the one we’re on now can be heard everywhere in the world.”

To head Rick’s full interview, click here.

Rock Legend Rick Derringer: ‘Internet Radio Is the Wave of the Future’
Philip Recchia
Thu, 14 May 2009 23:04:19 GMT

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