State, County, and Municipal Governance in 21st Century New Jersey

Next discussion is led by Tim McDon ough and Dianne Brake. This is difficult, they are only allotted four minutes each speaker. And Tim got the bell in the midst of his comments.

Trenton, New Jersey, USA - Wednesday October 15, 2008: Leadership New Jersey, the public policy seminar organization, held its 2008 Forum on the Future of New Jersey in the studios of New Jersey Network. 

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Revolutionizing or changing things in NJ.

Start with municipalities.Too many levels of government in NJ today. NJ is #1 in total tax burden per capita, including state and local property taxes.

Too much government bureaucracy. Suggestion to consolidate into county level government, but Tim thinks should eliminate county government as a cost-savings. County govt and services are redundant.


How do we deliver services efficiently to residents? Problem, particularly in land use, which determines job growth, housing, etc., local government does things that cannot ever add up to necessary goals in NJ. Given local govt some of the "wrong things to do."

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