Star-Ledger Feature About Blogs Only for Print Readers…

In today’s edition of New Jersey’s largest newspaper, the Star-Ledger’s syndicated Technology Columnist Allan Hoffman writes about the popularity of RSS, and his column is billboarded on the business front page.

However, if you visit the Star-Ledger’s website, you will not find the larger Sunday business feature written by locally by Star-Ledger Staff Writer Sara K. Clarke. Clarke’s story, “The Inc. Blog: Companies learn the goodwill value of Web diaries,” dominates the business front page of the Ledger, and with a sidebar by Hoffman about CEO blogs, takes up two-thirds of page 7 in the business section as well.

The Clarke article talks about the GM Fast Lane Blog, mentions Darren Rowse (left) , and talks about internal blogging at Sun Microsystems. It quotes David Weinberger, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School.

But if you visit the Ledger’s website, you won’t find the story or the CEO Blog sidebar. They simply don’t exist on the Ledger’s website.

Wonder what it is about blogs that the paper is trying to hide?

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