Social Media’s Power to Connect the Dots — Internationally!

@PodcastSteve, Judy Lubetkin, and @ShelIsrael at Dancing Camel Pub
Steve "@PodcastSteve" Lubetkin; Judy "@MorahToMorah" Lubetkin, and Shel "@ShelIsrael" Israel together at the Dancing Camel Pub, Ha'Tasiya Street, Tel Aviv, during the Tel Aviv Beer Tweetup November 28, 2011

Here’s another story about why it is essential for you and your business to be involved in the use of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

We are travelling on assignment in Israel last week and this week. When I checked my news feed on Facebook this past Sunday, I learned that one of my colleagues from the Society for New Communications Research, best-selling author Shel Israel, was in Tel Aviv the same time that we are, making a speech to an Israeli marketing conference. I also learned that there was going to be a “TweetUp,” a meeting organized by using Twitter and Twitter tools, at which Shel would be one of the guests of honor.

We had no problem adjusting our evening plans so that we could meet some inspiring young Israeli high tech startup entrepreneurs, see our old friend Shel, and visit the Dancing Camel Pub, a funky brew pub (run by an expatriate from New Jersey!) in a part of Tel Aviv we might not otherwise have gone to.

Without Facebook and Twitter, we never would have known Shel was in the vicinity, nor would we have known about the TweetUp.

This is how social media can connect the dots — even six thousand miles from home!

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