Samost JFCS Podcast #1: Women & Ovarian Cancer: What you need to know now!

Samost JFCS and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in conjunction with The Cancer Connection presented a roundtable discussion, “WOMEN AND OVARIAN CANCER: What You Need to Know Now!”

Listen to the podcast here:

Download the podcast here (180 mb mono MP3 file, 02:11:07 duration).

Featured Speakers and Time Codes

00:00:10 – 00:02:03 Program intro and information, Steve Lubetkin of Professsional Podcasts LLC.
00:02:03 – 00:03:37 Opening Remarks: Margery Dannenbaum, JFCS Staff, Cancer Connection Coordinator +1 (856) 424-1333

Susan Bass Levin

Susan Bass Levin

00:03:37 – 00:18:39 Moderator: Susan Bass Levin, Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and former Mayor of Cherry Hill Township, an ovarian cancer survivor.

Dr. Randolph Deger

00:18:39 – 00:59:06 Dr. Randolph Deger a noted gynecological oncologist from Virtua Gynecology Oncology Specialists.

00:59:06 – 01:01:29 Susan Bass Levin makes additional comments, introduces Bridget Legrazie, director of Fox Chase Virtua Family Risk Assessment Program

01:01:29 – 01:21:48 Bridget Legrazie

Cancer Survivors
01:22:03 – 01:22:44 Susan Bass Levin introduces four cancer survivors to relate their personal experiences.

01:22:44 – 01:30:41 Linda Xerri, first diagnosed 14 months ago with Stage IV

01:30:41 – 01:44:11 Lynn Kaplan, first diagnosed six years ago at Stage IV-B

01:44:11 – 01:52:39 Karen Mason, first diagnosed six years ago, Stage III-C

01:52:46 – 01:57:07 Diane Steinberg, first diagnosed 12 years ago at stage I

01:57:07 – 02:09:56 Question and answer period, Susan Bass Levin moderates and closes the program
02:09:56 – 02:10:46 Steve Lubetkin concludes the podcast and provides contact information for Samost Jewish Family and Childrens Service.

A production of Professional Podcasts LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ

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