Sad state of the PR community in Philadelphia…

How pathetic and sad is this item from the O’Dwyer PR website?

Comcast Taps Burson After RFP

Burson-Marsteller wins RFP process for seven-figure pact to support PR efforts for the growing cable company.

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The largest private employer in Philadelphia selects a PR agency to handle a seven-figure contract and the agency doesn’t even have an office in Comcast’s home town?

Why are the companies in this market so insecure that they feel compelled to hire New York agencies for PR and advertising (and all the associated baggage of higher billing rates and big markups for the donuts served during client meetings) instead of trying, just trying to work with some of the really excellent, talented people in the creative community closer to home?

Comcast is getting all kinds of tax breaks for its giant monument to itself in Center City, taxes that will come out of local residents and commuters who work in Philadelphia, NOT from people who work 85 miles to the northeast in Manhattan. They probably think we call the business district of Philadelphia “midtown.”

Is anyone in the Philadelphia advertising or PR community going to write to Brian Roberts to ask how in the world they could choose a New York agency?

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