RutgersQBO 1Q2008: Rutgers University School of Business at Camden Quarterly Business Outlook Podcast #9, 1/15/2008

Professional Podcasts, LLC, the Internet broadcasting subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications LLC is pleased to present the Rutgers University School of Business at Camden Quarterly Business Outlook.

This quarterly forum, presented by Rutgers University in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey and sponsored by the law firm of Flaster Greenberg, features South Jersey area business leaders who assess the Southern New Jersey economy in their business sectors.

This program was recorded on Tuesday, January 15, 2008, at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. Technical specifications regarding our production of podcasts is available here.

Download the podcast program here (192k bps Stereo MP3 file, 71.7 mb, duration 00:52:15.)

(Photographs Copyright © 2008 by Steven L. Lubetkin. All rights reserved.)

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The Moderator is Mitchell P. Koza, Ph.D., Dean of the Rutgers University School of Business at Camden.

The panel includes four leading experts in economics, healthcare, housing, and insurance, who discussed current and six-month outlooks in their respective fields:

Herb Taylor, Ph.D., Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Economy)
Christopher Olivia, MD, President & CEO, Cooper University Health System (Healthcare)
Bruce Paparone, President, Bruce Paparone Inc. (Housing)
Michael Tiagwad, President, Commerce Banc Insurance Services (Insurance)

Special thanks to Samantha Collier, director of external affairs, Rutgers University School of Business, Camden, and Michael Sepanic, Director of Public Information, Rutgers University, Camden, for their interest in promoting podcasting technology.

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Produced in the studios of Professional Podcasts LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ.

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