Rutgers Quarterly Business Outlook Podcast #28, Fourth Quarter 2012, 10/23/2012

Dean Jaishankar Ganesh, Rutgers School of Business-Camden
Dean Jaishankar Ganesh, Rutgers School of Business-Camden

Lubetkin Global Communications LLC is pleased to present the Fourth Quarter 2012 Rutgers School of Business-Camden Quarterly Business Outlook. This program was recorded on October 23, 2012 at the Rutgers-Camden Student Center.

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Panelists for this edition of the Quarterly Business Outlook are:

– Economy –
Steve Lubetkin Photography: Rutgers Quarterly Business Outlook &emdash; RutgersQBO20120717-005
– Retail – Rick Forman, Founder, President, and CEO of Forman Mills (2009 photo) Investment Strategies

James McCarthy, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

– Moderator –

Dean Jaishankar Ganesh, Rutgers School of Business-Camden

Luke Tilley Regional Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Rick Forman Founder, President, and CEO, Forman Mills James McCarthy Managing Partner, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Jaishankar Ganesh Dean, Rutgers School of Business – Camden

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Special thanks to Samantha Collier, director of external affairs, Rutgers University School of Business, Camden, and Michael Sepanic, Director of Public Information, Rutgers University, Camden, for their interest in promoting podcasting technology.

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