RIAA Advances Efforts to Kill Recording Industry from Within…

Photo from Flickr.com courtesy FrozenMeat. All rights reserved.

After reading Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use – washingtonpost.com, you have to wonder if the recording industry will next be suing owners of Apple iPods who purchase music from iTunes and then copy it onto their iPods.

Apparently, RIAA has filed a lawsuit against an Arizona man who copied legally purchased CDs onto his computer, claiming this is illegal. Except that the US Supreme Court has ruled that video recorder owners can legally make copies of copyrighted video content (TV shows) for personal use, and it has long been accepted that if you own a copy of a CD or vinyl record, you can make copies for your personal use. This doesn’t seem to matter to RIAA.

This is outrageous, anti-consumer behavior by the music industry.

If they don’t realize they are going to kill their entire business by treating customers like criminals, they deserve to collapse under the weight of their own lawsuits, or see scenes like the one above outside their corporate offices.

What a stupid, ill-advised, reputation killing (as if there were any reputation left to kill) legal strategy this is.


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