REPOST FOR PODCAST LINK ON RSS FEED: Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast #17: PRSA Philadelphia PRSA Panel on Hurricane Katrina

UPDATED 2:23pm 3/10/06. We seem to have some negative interaction between Blogger, Libsyn, Feedburner, and Podtrac. Somewhere, one of the services is incorrectly coding the podcast enclosure. We’re trying to troubleshoot, but as near as we can tell, it has something to do with the referrer link from Podtrac, so we’ve taken it out in this reposting. We are trying to work with all the services to figure out where the problem is.

In this edition of our podcast, we present a panel discussion conducted February 16, 2006 at the Cherry Hill Hilton Hotel. For complete details, see the blog entry below this one.

Download the podcast here (68 mb mono MP3 file, 49:32 duration).

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