RADIO WRAPPERS: Wal-Mart awards $20,000 scholarship to New Jersey State Youth of the Year Winner from Boys and Girls Clubs

New Jersey Radio News Directors, Note: Wal-Mart Stores has awarded a $20,000 scholarship to Cristal Millan of Atlantic City, the New Jersey State winner of the Youth of the Year competition sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs in New Jersey. Cristal received her scholarship at a ceremony Wednesday, May 28, 2008, at the Atlantic City Club.

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WMT-CristalWrapper1.mp3: Uses actualities Cristal2, Javier2, Sherry2 Cristal Millan of Atlantic City is the New Jersey State Youth of the Year for all the Boys and Girls Clubs in New Jersey. She won the honor in a competition against finalists from 18 other clubs statewide. The Atlantic City Club held a celebration Wednesday and Steve Lubetkin was there: Wrapper 1:42 standard outcue

WMT-CristalWrapper2.mp3: 1:34 Big celebration for the Statewide youth of the year, Cristal Millan, at Boys and Girls Club in Atlantic City – Cristal3, Javier1, Sherry1 actualities Standard outcue

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