RADIO WRAPPERS AND ACTUALITIES: Rutgers University Quarterly Business Outlook, Cherry Hill, 10/21/2008

New Jersey Radio News Directors, Note: The Rutgers University Quarterly Business Outlook was held in Cherry Hill on Tuesday October 21, 2008. Panelists were TD Commerce Bank Economist Joel Naroff; Mindy Holman, president and CEO of Holman Enterprises, a large automotive dealer and leasing company; Susanne Svizeny, regional president of wholesale banking for Wachovia Corporation; and Caren Franzini, CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Audio reports for use by radio stations are available at these URLs:

1. Wrapper with Steve Lubetkin reporter. Local economist says country is definitely in a recession, using Naroff actualities #3 and 6. 1:40 standard, outcue. Download here.

2. Wrapper with Steve Lubetkin reporter, it will take a while for the economy to recover, according to Commerce Bank Economist Joel Naroff (actuality Naroff #5), but New Jersey has a lot of strengths, according to Caren Franzini (actuality Franzini #3) 2:14 standard outcue. Download here.

3. Wrapper with Steve Lubetkin reporter, the pending merger of Wachovia Bank into Wells Fargo is positive for Wachovia, according to Susanne Svizeny, regional president of wholesale banking at Wachovia (Svizeny Actuality #1 – Pronounced Suh VENN ee) Standard Outcue 00:52 Download here.

Audio actualities are available at the following URLs:

Naroff Actualities

1. Naroff says country is headed for a recession and financial institutions are under stress worldwide. :20 OUTCUE: …across the world. Download here.

2. Naroff says this is all because of the housing bubble bursting, and banks not paying attention to fundamentals of banking  :27 OUTCUE: …lending and economics Download here.

3. Naroff says economy is definitely in a recession. :55 OUTCUE: …quite a bit, unfortunately. Download here.

4. More problems are likely in financial services companies :15 OUTCUE: …a financial crisis Download here.

5. The government bailout will help, but it will take time for companies to heal :40 OUTCUE: …that will help us out. Download here.

6. Economy will either not grow or will grow weakly over the next year
0:09 OUTCUE …if not a steeper pattern (ENDS IN MID SENTENCE) Download here.

Holman Actualities

1. Car market changed abruptly with gas price spikes in second quarter :23 OUTCUE: …trade them in. Download here.

2. Car makers have been trying to adjust to the new consumer taste for more energy efficient vehicles. :28 OUTCUE ..back to bigger cars. Download here.

3. If necessary, the government will provide credit to Ford and GM to protect jobs in the auto industry :15 OUTCUE: …until the market comes back Download here.

4. South Jersey car market is down, but not as much as the rest of the country :17 OUTCUE: …eight and a half percent. Download here.

5. Car dealers will need to hang on until recovery comes late next year.
:10 OUTCUE: …or early 2010. Download here.


1. Excited about the pending merger of Wachovia into Wells Fargo :19 OUTCUE: …for our client base. Download here. Pronounced Suh VENN ee


1. Governor Corzine’s economic recovery package includes help for New Jersey residents and small businesses.  :32 OUTCUE …small and midsize businesses. Download here.

2. EDA and Commerce Commission were combined to make it easier for businesses. :13 OUTCUE: …a more streamlined approach. Download here.

3. NJ has a significant base of important companies and a strong economy.
:40 OUTCUE: …to move forward. Download here.

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