RADIO WRAPPER REPORT: Israel’s Consulate uses Twitter for public diplomacy outreach

Attention Radio News Directors: Israel’s Consulate General in New York conducted a "citizens’ press conference" using the microblogging/messaging website on December 30. Correspondent Steve Lubetkin interviewed David Saranga, Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Israeli Consulate, who organized the Twitter dialogue, for the CompuSchmooze podcast, available at

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In this wrapper report, Saranga explains how Israeli diplomats hope to continue the open dialogue on Twitter after the crisis in Gaza subsides.

ANNOUNCER INTRO: The Israel Consulate is using some new media technology to get its message out about its actions in Gaza over the past week. Steve Lubetkin (loo BEHT kihn) has that story.


Download SarangaWrap1.mp3 (1:19, standard outcue)


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