Professional Podcasts Produces Audio Tribute to Philippine Newspaper Publisher; Max Soliven, Publisher of Philippine Star, Died November 24 in Japan

Max Soliven, publisher of the Philippine Star newspaper, at the 13th National Public Relations Congress in Manila on September 28, 2006. (Steve Lubetkin Photo)
Max Soliven, publisher of the Philippine Star newspaper, at the 13th National Public Relations Congress in Manila on September 28, 2006. (Steve Lubetkin Photo)
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Professional Podcasts Produces Audio Tribute to Philippine Newspaper Publisher

Max Soliven, Publisher of Philippine Star, Died November 24 in Japan

CHERRY HILL, NJ – December 9, 2006 — Cherry Hill-based Professional Podcasts LLC has produced a podcast tribute to legendary Philippine journalist Max Soliven, publisher of the Philippine Star newspaper and popular web portal, who died suddenly on a business trip to Japan November 24.

Soliven, 77, wrote extensively on politics in Southeast Asia over a 50 year journalistic career. He filed his last column, about Japanese politics, the day before he died. As usual, he prepared the column on his beloved manual typewriter and faxed it to the newspaper.

He was recognized with a French Legion of Honor citation several years ago, and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo posthumously awarded him the Order of Lakandula, the highest civilian honor in the Philippines. Before beginning his journalism career, the publisher studied at Harvard University with Prof. Arthur Schlesinger and Dr. Henry Kissinger.

During the Ferdinand Marcos regime, Soliven took pride in the fact that he was jailed in the same cell with opposition leader Benigno Aquino.

Ironically, Soliven and his paper faced criminal libel charges filed by Aquino’s widow, Corazon, when she became president of the country after Marcos was deposed. According to Soliven, the charges stemmed from a column the paper published alleging that Aquino and her daughter hid under a bed during the coup that overthrew her predecessor.

Steve Lubetkin, managing partner of Professional Podcasts, met Soliven during his recently completed speaking tour of the Philippines. Lubetkin and Soliven were keynote speakers at “Mindmap: Charting The Course of PR In A New Media Age,” the 13th National Congress of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines, held in Manila in late September.

During the trip, Lubetkin recorded several presentations and interviews for production into podcasts, but immediately focused on Soliven’s remarks when he learned of the publisher’s death.

“Max Soliven was a towering figure in journalism in Southeast Asia,” Lubetkin said. “I was glad I had the opportunity to meet him and hear about his career. We produced the podcast excerpting Max’s remarks so that others can benefit from his insights and his wonderful sense of humor.

The podcast featuring Soliven’s remarks can be downloaded here.  You can also listen in the player below.

Lubetkin’s visit to the Philippines was underwritten through a grant from the US Embassy, and facilitated through the Global Public Relations Initiative of the Public Relations Society of America. Lubetkin completed a three year term on the PRSA national board of directors in 2005.

During his week-long visit, he also spoke to more than 100 journalism and mass communications students at the Mass Communications Department of the University of the Philippines (Diliman) and before 150 members of the Junior Entrepreneurial Marketing Association at De La Salle University in Manila. He also was interviewed on the Studio 23 “Breakfast” Show produced by ABS-CBN, one of the two major national TV networks in the Philippines.

An account of his trip appears in the current issue of Attitudes, the quarterly lifestyle publication of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

Professional Podcasts LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications, is a leading provider of business podcasting services for corporations and professional organizations. The firm launched its Internet broadcasting practice in April 2005, counseling clients about the effective use of podcasts and blogs. The firm focuses on production of high-quality podcasts for clients.

Lubetkin, a frequent speaker at professional conferences and other meetings, is a veteran broadcast news anchor and corporate communications executive for large corporations. His firm specializes in strategic communications advice for corporate clients, executives, and other organizations. More information is available at or at

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Editors Note: Mr. Lubetkin is available for interviews regarding the Philippines trip. High-resolution RAW and JPEG images, including photos of Mr. Lubetkin with Mr. Soliven, are available, as well as video of his TV appearance. Please contact Steve at (856) 751-5491 or

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