Professional Podcasts assists Constellation Energy with social media video about consumer electric choice

As you know if you’ve followed our Tweets over the past week, we’ve been crisscrossing New  Jersey interviewing residents about consumer choice in electricity generation service. The electricity market is now competitive for residential customers, and today, our client Constellation Energy of Baltimore, announced its residential offer for New Jersey, which was accompanied by the video we produced. Watch it in the player below.

We used our “social media” video equipment for this project, a Kodak Zi8 high definition pocket-sized camcorder, and a lavaliere microphone, an easy kit to transport and not at all intimidating to the residents who agreed to be interviewed. This is a great example of our ElevatorPitchVideos concept of short social media style interview videos that give a sense of place and message. We don’t believe in green screen for business videos, we believe in real live environments.

Kudos to Constellation, which is using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as a custom landing site for NJ residents to sign up for the new electricity service.

Watch for more videos about consumer electric choice in the coming weeks.

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