Professional Podcasts Acquires 24-Track Multichannel Audio Recording Capability

Zoom R-24 multitrack audio recording workstation
Zoom R-24 multitrack audio recording workstation

Cherry Hill-based Professional Podcasts LLC, the award-winning video and multimedia production subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications LLC, now has the capability to produce multitrack audio recordings of up to 24 channels, and up to eight channels of audio recorded live.

The firm has acquired a Zoom R-24 multitrack digital audio workstation, a highly portable audio control panel that records digital audio on a tiny SDHC card, for further processing in Professional Podcasts’ studios. The Zoom professional audio workstation can record eight channels of audio simultaneously, making it ideal for live recordings of seminar panels involving multiple speakers as participants. Professional Podcasts also expects to leverage the new recording workstation to expand its service offering into multitrack recordings for musicians and performers.

“Our recent client engagements have increasingly demanded the ability to isolate audio recordings from multiple speakers at seminar panels and conferences, and other clients frequently ask us to record podcast interview sessions involving more than three voices,” noted Steve Lubetkin, Managing Partner of Professional Podcasts. “Two channel recorders limit our ability to isolate each speaker’s voice. The Zoom R-24 is a powerful tool that lets us place each speaker’s audio on a separate track, offering dramatic new post-production flexibility to enhance the finished recordings. In addition, the multitrack capabilities of the Zoom R-24 will permit us to expand our audio podcasting capabilities so that we can offer studio-style recording and post-production services to musicians, bands, and other performance organizations.”

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