The Role of Natural Gas in New Jersey’s Energy Future

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The Role of Natural Gas in New Jersey’s Energy Future

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Is natural gas the bridge that helps lower sky-high energy costs in the state and provides an alternative transportation fuel that begins to wean New Jersey off its reliance on oil?

The state's draft Energy Master Plan envisions it playing a crucial role in the state's future, as long as New Jersey's gas infrastructure is expanded to take advantage of new supplies in the Marcellus Shale. Is that too much reliance on a fossil fuel, a dependence that will thwart efforts to achieve the state's ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goal? Find out by attending NJ Spotlight's roundtable on The Role of Natural Gas in New Jersey's future.

Moderator: Tom Johnson, Energy & Environment writer, Cofounder, NJ Spotlight

Panelists include:
Stefanie Brand, Director, New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel
Cyrille du Peloux, President and Chief Executive Officer, Veolia Energy North America
Kathleen T. Ellis, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, New Jersey Natural Gas
Steven Gabel, President, Gabel Associates
Edward J. Graham, Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer, South Jersey Gas
Dena Mottola, Executive Director, Environment NJ
Jeffrey C. Scheininger, Chairman, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and President, Flexline/U.S. Brass & Copper Corp.