The Cannon King’s Daughter – Englebertha Krupp


The Cannon King’s Daughter – Englebertha Krupp

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Author and military historian David Stroebel lecturing on his book, "The Cannon King's Daughter"[/caption] In this program from the Center for World War II Studies and Conflict Resolution's World War II Lecture series, military historian and author David Stroebel discusses his search for the truth about his great-grandmother's family origins as a member of the storied Krupp family.

Through revelations and documents passed down through five generations of the Krupp family, Stroebel learned that his great-grandmother was disinherited from the 400-year-old Krupp steel and munitions dynasty of Essen, Germany – the same munitions firm that armed Germany through two world wars. Banished to America where she lived in Jersey City, Stroebel’s great grandmother was Engelbertha Krupp, the daughter of Alfred and Bertha (Eichhoff) Krupp. The Krupp Works worked with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party prior to World War II and then gave Hitler and his military immense firepower that allowed the Third Reich’s war machine to extend far across the globe. “The Cannon King’s Daughter” tells of the young heiress who chose the love of a poor shoemaker over a dynasty. Had Engelbertha Krupp remained an heiress –?

Stroebel considers how her choice ultimately altered the history of Germany, the course of WW II and the lives of 11 million souls.

DVD is a full-length two hour recording in HD video. You can purchase Stroebel's book in our Amazon-affiliated Middle Chamber Bookstore by clicking on the book cover.