Teacher Tenure & Evaluation — DVD

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Teacher Tenure & Evaluation — DVD

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New Jersey's overhaul of teacher tenure is now law, changing how educators are measured and evaluated — as well as how they are rewarded and disciplined. More than two dozen districts are already piloting evaluation systems; the rest of the state must decide how it will fulfill the law in the next two months. 
The NJ Spotlight Roundtable Series brings together educators and key players to discuss progress so far, including the chief architect of the law, state Sen. Teresa Ruiz, and the director of education evaluation for the Christie administration, Timothy Matheney.

Purchase a DVD of the complete, one-hour and 45 minute panel discussion. Recorded in 1080p high-definition video.
Moderator: John Mooney, Co-Founder and Education Writer, NJ Spotlight
Panelists include:
State Sen. Teresa Ruiz
New Jersey Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex), chief architect of the new teacher evaluation law
David Pawlowski
David Pawlowski, Principal, Alexandria Middle School
Jasonn Denard
Jasonn Denard, Humanities Chairman, Arts High School, Newark
Joan Cali
Joan Cali, guidance counselor and president, Secaucus Education Association
Christine Candela

Christine Candela, English Teacher, Secaucus High School

Timothy Matheny
Timothy Matheny, Director of Evaluation, NJ Department of Education