South Jersey: A Defense Industry Hotbed – BCCOC

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South Jersey: A Defense Industry Hotbed – BCCOC

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The Burlington County Chamber of Commerce held its Quarterly Regional Economic Outlook at Burlington County College on May 22, 2012. Lubetkin Global Communications produced this video of the program for the Chamber.

Twenty thousand new defense-related jobs is the employment projection for Atlantic County’s Next Gen Aviation Research & Technology Park (ARTP).

With Joint Base MDL being the state’s largest employer (other than state government itself) and Lockheed Martin’s Moorestown operation being the state’s largest manufacturer, the regionis already firmly entrenched in the defense sector.

Add to that the impact of the defense technology development work being done at Drexel’s Camden-based ACIN Incubator and the development of the world’s next generation of air traffic control at ARTP in Pomona (next to the FAA’s huge William J. Hughes facility there) and you have four cornerstones for a regional defense industry juggernaut.

Panelists include:

Carmen Valentino, VP Naval Radar & Future Systems, Lockheed Martin
Dennis Culnan, Director of Business Administration, South Jersey Transportation Authority