Rebalancing Medicaid Long-Term Care


Rebalancing Medicaid Long-Term Care

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If granted, New Jersey's application for a federal Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver will enable the state to craft a program that can better meet the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. But numerous implementation issues remain to be worked through, if high-quality healthcare is to be achieved. To investigate these complex issues, NJ Spotlight brought together state leaders, long-term care providers, and community advocates to discuss problems and possible solutions.

Panelists: Valerie Harr, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, NJ Department of Human Services; state Sen. Joseph Vitale, vice chair of Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee; Michael Scarbrough, senior vice president, Amerigroup; Dr. Michael Ogg, patient advocate; Ken Wessel, Executive Director, HomeCare Options; Marily Askin, Chief Legislative Advocate, AARP-NJ; and Paul Langevin, president, Health Care Association of NJ