Previewing the New Teacher Evaluation Program

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Previewing the New Teacher Evaluation Program

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Hear first-hand from the people who are working with New Jersey's pilot teacher evaluation program, the controversial framework that's already being deployed in schools across the state. Administration officials and participants in this Department of Education pilot — which will make student performance a key measure of teacher effectiveness — will discuss what they've learned, what issues they've encountered, what works, and what doesn't.

Ultimately, the evaluation system that comes out of this program could affect how tenure is awarded and withheld, the way schools are structured, what happens in the classroom, and different roles of different stakeholders, including the teachers' unions. Proposed panelists include teachers, principals, supervisors, and DOE representatives.

Panelists: Laura Morana, Red Bank school superintendent; Carol Boehm, Red Bank music teacher, vice-president, Red Bank Borough Education Association; Brian Gismondi, West Deptford High School principal; Tanya Tenturier, Elizabeth math teacher; Peter Shulman, NJ assistant commissioner of education; Robert Fisicaro, pilot implementation manager, NJ Department of Education.