Founder Factory 2010 DVD


Founder Factory 2010 DVD

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The Founder Factory is an annual event created by Philly Startup Leaders, meant to help foster growth of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, angels, VC’s, students, schools and government groups within the Philadelphia area. As a collaborative and engaging event, the Founder Factory helps to unleash Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial potential. Professional Podcasts produced the official videos from the 2010 Founder Factory conference in Philadelphia, and you can purchase all seven video segments in a single HD DVD collector's set.

Program Contents

Opening Remarks
 Tracey Welson-Rossman & Amy Larrimore open/intro Founder Factory
 – What Founder Factory is & why we hold it — introduces
 Steve Goodman – remarks about the Philadelphia Entrepreneurial
 community — introduces Jameson Detweiler – introduces speaker
 Farid Naib

 Ideation: v. to bring into existence or cause to be produced a
 concept or concepts that serve as foundation on which to develop
 the entrepreneurial effort.
 Farid Naib , Founder and CEO, DDC

 Kingley Maunder & Joanne Lang introduce Gil Beyda (Fishbowl
 moderator) & Fishbowl # 1
 Gil Beyda introduces the Fishbowl companies and Fishbowl panelists

Fishbowl focus on Adopt-ability: XipWire and Healthy Humans.
 Healthy Humans

 Renowned techpreneur – Adam Schran of Ascentive.
 The Art of the Pivot:  Inevitably every startup is faced with the
 need to rapidly course correct in order to deal with some new
 reality of business conditions.  Knowing when to pivot and how is
 essential to driving continued success
 Adam Schran, Founder & CEO, Ascentive

 Fishbowl focus on Scalability:  Rapid growth brings with it its
 own set of challenges, intelligently scaling the business is
 Urban Escapes

The Key to Sustaining: Not every entrepreneur is looking for the
 quick exit. Some seek the long haul while others have longevity
 thrust upon them.  What is the key to sustaining?
 Hal Real, Founder & President, World Cafe Live

Fishbowl focus on Alternative Funding: Traditional funding outlets
 exhausted?  What other avenues are worth investigating?

A Story of Exit:  Invite Media’s exit on June of 2010 proves tha
 t having technology snapped up by Google is not exclusive to the
 Silicon Valley.
 Nat Turner, Co-Founder and CEO, Invite Media
 Zach Weinberg, Co-Founder and COO, Invite Media