PR NewsWire: New PodSpider Search Engine Delivers Largest Directory of Podcasts in English, Breaks Barrier of 20,000 Podcasts

This item comes from PRNewswire…the question in my mind is, how many web aggregators of podcasts do we really need? (And for the phrase “web aggregators of podcasts” you can substitute “airlines” or “manufacturers of gas-guzzling SUVs”…you get the picture)…

KARLSRUHE, Germany, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ — RapidSolution Software today took another aggressive step toward its goal of becoming the market leader in podcasting technology by unveiling its new PodSpider Portal. The new internet-based podcast search engine leaps beyond the Apple iTunes directory, providing access to over 20,000 podcasts and the largest directory of podcasts available in the English language. The portal, available at , coincides with a new release of PodSpider offering fully-automatic synchronization between a user’s PC and MP3 player.

Paraphrasing the student to the rabbi as the villagers pack to leave Anatevka in “Fiddler on the Roof,”

“Rabbi, if there were ever a time for convergence to arrive, wouldn’t this be a good time?”

“We’ll just have to wait for [it] somewhere else,” said the rabbi.

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