PopJudaica.com website

Thanks to Peter Shankman for the heads up and copywriting on this. It’s a pretty cute site, not like the traditional holdiay stuff.

Ever wish they lit a giant menorah in Rockefeller Center or aired a Charlie Brown Hanukkah Special on TV? PopJudaica.com www.popjudaica.com is a retailer that’s like a festivus-for-the-rest-of-us this holiday season.  PopJudaica.com has loads of cool Hanukkah gifts like a Motherboard Menorah with LED Lights for the techie and the High Heel Shoe Menorah for the Sex and the City type girl. Even if you aren’t Jewish, PopJudaica.com’s selection of funny T-shirts and gifts (like the yarmulke and tallis for your dog) will have you laughing your tuchus off! Follow @popjudaica on Twitter.


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