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Why Create E-Learning Courses?

In Person Training is Expensive and Time-Consuming.

Your business needs to move more quickly than ever. Your people need to get up to speed on your processes and procedures now, not next week. Renting a conference room and paying for travel for a dispersed workforce no longer makes sense. E-Learning lets your team get its training when it’s convenient for them.

Ask us how we can help you develop e-Learning modules using Articulate Studio.

E-Learning Courses Improve Productivity

Get more training done more quickly

E-Learning engages your adult learners

Well-designed interactive e-learning courses often can capture their attention better than classroom lectures.

Compatible with industry standards

Our e-learning modules are SCORM compatible, so you can load them in your company’s Learning Management System, or we can set up an LMS for you.

Engage your students with interactivity

E-Learning modules can include interactive exercises, quizzes, and downloadable handout materials.

See examples of the e-learning programs we’ve created for clients.

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