Steve Lubetkin making photos at 2008 SNCR New Communications Forum

Decades of Experience, Proven Results

We’ve been making photographs of corporate subjects for more than 25 years. Before that, we were involved in daily photojournalism at two newspapers in New Jersey.

Our photographic images have appeared in major publications throughout the country, including The Washington Post, Rolling StoneNJBiz, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

We create photos that enhance your corporate brand and image while filling journalistic needs of the editors at the major publications. We understand how to create images that editors will appreciate — and more importantly, images that will get published.

Professionally made photographic images with a journalist’s eye.

See our gallery of executive photographs.

See industrial and architectural photography in this gallery.

We produce event photographs with style and a unique vision. Examples of the event photography we produce in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia are in these galleries.

See images from Montreal, Washington, DC, Chicago, Israel, and New Jersey in our travel photography galleries.

Read about some of our assignments for clients.

Learn about our video projects.

Corporate and Meeting Photos That Convey Feeling

We specialize in creating dramatic and unusual images from conferences. We’re not just creating your father’s “grip-and-grin” images.

WMT Youth of Year
Community Events by Corporations: Boys & Girls Clubs of New Jersey Youth of the Year competition, sponsored by Wal-Mart. Copyright ©Steven L. Lubetkin. All rights reserved.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

See the music video we produced for the Cherry Hill High School Cheerleading Awards Luncheon

PRSA Pepperpots Music Video

See our music video for the Public Relations Society of America’s Philadelphia Chapter 2007 Pepperpot Awards ceremony.

Concert Photography

Meatloaf Concert, Monmouth College, 3/7/1978

Meatloaf and Ellen Foley, Monmouth College, 1978. See more.

Other Concerts

Robert Hazzard, Philadelphia

David Bromberg and Peter Allen

Patti Smith, Asbury Park 1978

1980 Democratic Convention

I was on the floor of the 1980 Democratic Convention for about 45 minutes; here are some photos I shot during that brief visit.

Democratic National Convention, New York, 1980

Digital metatagging and transmission to the media

We use professional quality digital photography equipment to compose photos. We can deliver finished photographs to clients on CD-ROM or transmit them directly to the news media.

We write caption information create and digital text information tags within digital photograph files in the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) format required by major news organizations and international wire services.

IPTC caption information can be extracted by the major photo sharing sites like, leading to high visibility for your information in online searches.

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