Why Sponsor Podcast Content?

We produce a wide range of audio and video podcast content for nonprofit organizations and our own account that do not have a budget to underwrite the cost of podcast productions.

Many of these podcasts feature worthwhile presentations or seminars with informative content that would be useful or valuable to audiences that your business may want to reach.

A podcast is a permanent opportunity to promote your company’s message.

Underwriting podcast production as a presenting sponsor can be a cost-effective way to link your company or organization in your customers’ minds as a community-minded citizen willing to support the distribution of important, newsworthy content in podcast format, even if it does not directly promote the products and services you sell.

You may already purchase advertisements in fundraising programs or brochures. You probably donate money to nonprofit organizations in return for having your corporate logo included on a charity walk or run t-shirt, or included on a poster for a fundraising event. These donations often miss the target audience because they are “one-off” advertisements for a particular event that are only seen briefly by the people involved in the event, and then they disappear.

Once a podcast is produced and uploaded live to the web and podcast channels, we do not remove it. If you buy commercial time on traditional broadcast media like TV or radio, you pay a fee for every time the commercial is used.

Sponsors are given a 15-second availability at the beginning and end of each podcast, for a total of 30 seconds. We will either write and voice the sponsor announcement or can use recorded content provided by sponsors. Presenting sponsors for a series also can have their sponsorship tagline added to the metadata of the podcast file. Presenting sponsors of video podcasts have the option of recording two 15 second interview clips about their products and services to be included in the video.

Here you can read descriptions of specific programs available for sponsorship.

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