Video News “Wrapper” Service

Today, TV and radio news coverage of local events is shrinking. There are fewer reporters and fewer opportunities to get news coverage of your company or organization by the mainstream media.

Today, every company needs to BE a media company. We can help.

We produce video news “wrappers” about your company news or community events. We interview the participants, shoot professional quality video of the activities, and produce a 5-7 minute package telling the story of your company’s event. In the player above, you can see an example.

This is our 2012 ASTRA Award-winning video news wrapper for the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce. The video reports on the Chamber’s 2011 bus tour of economic development sites in the county. It includes images of the businesses visited, comments by business leaders during the tour, and additional information reported in a voice-over narration, TV-news style.

Here is another example.

We produced this news report for ACE Group, a global insurance company headquartered in New York and Philadelphia. The company’s Philadelphia office was the first existing office building in the city retrofitted to meet the LEED Silver standards for sustainable energy use.

We can help you ensure that you reach these web surfing customers and prospects effectively through video news features like these.

Audio and video programming on your website promotes your company’s thought leadership and raises search visibility

Producing audio and video that audiences download from the Internet or watch on their computers can be one of the best ways to raise your organization’s visibility in search results, because audio and video programs score higher than plain text content.

We also help clients distribute their podcasts by managing the RSS “feed” distribution technology that makes podcasts visible to listeners in a Google search on the Web and in the Apple iTunes Music store.

Read our news release about our video news wrapper service.

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Listen to Steve’s recent interviews and presentations about how web audio and video programming can help your business.

Radio News Actualities and News Wrappers

Our news service provides audio news content to New Jersey radio stations. We have extensive experience in preparing radio news actualities, interviews and other reports.

We contribute regular news reports to and, two newly emerging citizen journalism websites.

We maintain professional memberships in the Online News Association, the Radio and Television Digital News Association (formerly Radio and Television News Directors Association), the National Press Photographers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Professional Photographers of America.

Using digital audio technologies, we can deliver a client’s messages to broadcast outlets in a cost-effective way.