On Communications Podcast 6/27/2016: Angry Millennial Podcast Hosts José Rosado and Stevie Chris

José Rosado, center, and StevieChris, lower right, are the hosts of the Angry Millennial Show
José Rosado, center, and StevieChris, lower right, are the hosts of the Angry Millennial Show

On this edition of the Lubetkin on Communications podcast, we chat in-studio with StevieChris and José Rosado, hosts of the Angry Millennial Podcast. The Angry Millennial podcast features Interviews with creatives from all walks of life, dictations of blog posts for the vision impaired + TL;DR crowd, and a peek into the lifestyle of a career creative.

About the Guests

José Rosado: Philadelphia native residing in Baltimore with a background in Communications with a Bachelors in Advertising and an MBA in Marketing, though you’d never guess so when meeting him. Being self-taught always kept him pretty humble since the only way he seems to know how to learn something is the hard way. Along with photography, José also teaches at some local colleges. Writing has become another outlet for José that has turned into a career. Currently working as a Staff Writer for & contributor for , Petapixel + Chimera.

Stevie Chris: StevieChris is an experienced commercial advertising photographer focusing on conceptual and environmental portrait work.  Stevie has had a range of editorial clients including nationally recognized entertainment personalities and Hollywood award-winning film composers.  Stevie combines his strong creative vision with great communication to ensure that every photo created will convey the visual goal ofthe client. Based in NYC & Philadelphia, StevieChris shoots for clients in the advertising, commercial and entertainment industries and is available for assignments on both coasts & worldwide.

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