NJSpotlight Roundtable: Can the energy sector drive New Jersey’s economy?

NJSpotlight Energy Industry panel
NJSpotlight panel on the role of the energy industry in New Jersey's economy, January 25, 2013

NJSpotlight.com’s January 25, 2013 roundtable focused on the impact of the energy sector on New Jersey’s economy. Lubetkin Global Communications produced these videos from the event, which you can view online in the players below.

NJSpotlight Energy Industry panel
NJSpotlight panel on the role of the energy industry in New Jersey’s economy, January 25, 2013

You can also purchase a DVD of the complete roundtable or a digital download in our online store.


To meet its ambitious goals for clean energy, New Jersey must rely increasingly on cleaner and greener sources of electricity, by using the best batteries for solar panels and storing solar and wind power. Achieving that goal is expected to create a wealth of green jobs, ranging from engineers and developers to construction workers and system installer.

Making the transition to cheaper and cleaner sources of power should help create an economic environment that is far more hospitable to business. Essential to that effort is the development of a robust and resilient energy infrastructure — a key concern in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Rebuilding after Sandy will enable energy providers to modernize their infrastructure and force state policymakers to make the right decisions.

Doing so could turn out to be a very pricey proposition for all ratepayers — consumers, businesses, and manufacturers. One of the most important questions to ask about New Jersey’s energy future is what will it cost. That — and other tough questions — were considered and discussed at the NJ Spotlight Roundtable: Can the Energy Sector Drive New Jersey’s Economy?


Moderator: Tom Johnson, Cofounder and Energy Writer, NJ Spotlight

Panelists included: Ralph LaRossa, President and CEO, Public Service Electric & Gas; Frank Felder, Director, Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental Policy, Rutgers University; Sen. Bob Smith (D-Middlesex), Chairman, Senate Environment and Energy Committee; and Thomas J. Massaro, Vice President, Marketing and Business Intelligence, New Jersey Natural Gas

Chapter 1: Introductions and Opening Remarks by Panelists

Chapter 2: Panel Discussion Continues

Chapter 3: Audience Questions


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