NJBankers Produces Sixth Banking Podcast Audio Program With Professional Podcasts


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Timothy E. Doherty,
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CHERRY HILL, NJ – August 10, 2007 – NJBankers, a trade association representing the New Jersey banking industry, and its marketing group for small banks, the Bank Marketing Association, are distributing a new audio broadcast of a recent Bank Marketing Association seminar program to its members over the Internet, a delivery mechanism known as “podcasting.” NJBankers’ has been distributing podcasts since December 2005. The programs are produced in partnership with Cherry Hill-based Professional Podcasts LLC, a subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications.

The newest NJBA podcast is available in two parts. The overall topic, “Onboarding: The First 90 Days,” focuses on steps that banks and other retail organizations should thing about taking to cement relationships with their customers and new employees in the first 90 days of their relationship. Part one of the podcast program features a presentation about enhancing customer relationships by Chris Braccia, director of product marketing in the retail solutions group of Harland Financial Solutions. Part two of the podcast features remarks by Dennis Budinich, co-founder of FTC Methods Inc., a sales training firm, about how to help employees become engaged in successful sales relationships early in their careers.

Professional Podcasts produces recordings of NJBA seminars, and delivers the Internet podcast “feeds” to NJBankers so that association members can download the recordings for review on their computers or portable digital audio players. The podcasts are available at http://www.njbankers.com and at http://www.njbankmarketing.com. The podcast is also available at no charge to subscribers to the Apple iTunes Music store (www.itunes.com) and can be accessed directly in iTunes at this URL:

“Our podcasts average between 300 and 600 downloads, so it’s clear that our members want us to provide time-shifting technology like podcasting for their continuing education activities,” said Timothy E. Doherty, NJBankers vice president and director of communications. “Podcasting is a cost-effective and engaging way for our members to participate in these programs, even if they cannot attend in person.”

“NJBankers is taking a dramatic leap ahead of other financial trade associations in New Jersey by embracing podcasting technology to increase the reach of its excellent seminar programs,” said Steven L. Lubetkin, managing partner of Professional Podcasts. “Like NJBankers, other organizations should understand that podcasts can provide their clients, members, and other constituencies important information conveniently, without tying those audiences to less-flexible programming formats like conference calls or web streams, which force busy and time-constrained participants to gather at a common time. Podcast listeners get the information they need — at a time when they want it.”

Podcasts are digital audio or video recordings distributed using Internet technology. Visitors to an organization’s website can download podcast programs for review on their desktop computers, or synchronize them with a portable digital media device. Software programs called “feed readers” or “podcatchers” allow users to “subscribe” to podcasts at no cost, and receive new programs in a podcast series automatically.

About Professional Podcasts LLC/Lubetkin Communications

Professional Podcasts LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications, is a leading provider of podcasting services for corporations and professional organizations. Since 2005, Professional Podcasts has been counseling clients about the effective use of social media, like podcasts and blogs (online journals) as tools that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees, and others.

The firm has produced high-quality podcasts for ACE-INA Insurance, Sun National Bank, the Rutgers University School of Business Administration’s popular Quarterly Business Outlook Seminar, NAPL, a graphic communications trade association, Leadership NJ, and for the Public Relations Society of America. The firm also produces its own podcasts focusing on public relations, computer technology, bond ratings, and interviews with book authors.

More information is available at www.lubetkin.net or at www.professionalpodcasts.com.

About NJ Bankers

NJBankers is an organization dedicated to serving the banking industry and its affiliates by representing banking-related interests at all levels of government and by providing information and educational training to promote sound banking practices and financial services to the communities and businesses of New Jersey. Its website is www.njbankers.com.
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Editors, Note: Mr. Lubetkin is available to discuss how podcasting technology can help organizations communicate effectively with their audiences. Copies of the NJBankers podcast are available on request. Please call Steve Lubetkin at (856) 751-5491 or email steve@professionalpodcasts.com

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