NJBankers Podcast #6, Part 1: Onboarding – The Client’s First 90 Days

NJBankers Podcast #6, Part 1: Onboarding – The Client’s First 90 Days.

This podcast was recorded Thursday, May 3, 2007 (126 mb stereo MP3 file, 1:31:54)

Few initiatives are as important to financial institutions as managing first-year customer retention, but few banks have strategies to effectively address it. A continuing, integrated “onboarding” solution can build long-term relationships by engaging new account customers and growing them into loyal, profitable relationships.

In part 1 of this two-part podcast, we’ll hear from Chris Braccia, director of product marketing in the Retail Solutions Group of Harland Financial Solutions.

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Chris Braccia
Director, Product Marketing, Retail Solutions Group
Harland Financial Solutions

Before joining Harland, Chris was marketing director for a Connecticut mutual savings bank for 13 years. He was also a research analyst and sales manager for a mutual savings bank. While in the banking industry, Chris was one of the earliest adopters of Marketing Customer Information File (MCIF) technology.

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