NJ video producer Lubetkin Communications adds time lapse video services to its portfolio

Frame from Time Lapse Video

Updated 7/11/2013 to add two new time lapse example videos.

Lubetkin Global Communications, an award-winning NJ based podcast and video producer, can now offer clients dramatic time lapse videos that condense long time periods into very short sequences.

This special effect can be a sensational way to demonstrate your business capabilities, whether by condensing the assembly of a product or showing a long manufacturing process, said Steve Lubetkin, managing partner.

The firm produced a short example of time lapse video that you can watch in the player below.The time sequence shown runs from 3pm to 8pm on a single day, a five-hour time frame, condensed into less than two minutes of video.

Here is a time lapse video we made during the Special Needs Prom at Children’s Specialized Hospital in May 2013. The video covers a four-hour time frame from about 4pm until about 8pm.

This is a time lapse video we produced at the Rutgers Quarterly Business Outlook in January 2013. The entire event lasted about 90 minutes.

For more information about time lapse videos, please email or call 856-751-5491.

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