NJ Spotlight Roundtable: Rebalancing Medicaid Long-Term Care, October 28, 2011

NJ Spotlight Medicaid Panel
NJ Spotlight Medicaid Panel

We produced video from the NJ Spotlight roundtable, “Rebalancing Medicaid Long-Term Care,” held in Trenton October 28,  2011.

If granted, New Jersey’s application for a federal Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver will enable the state to craft a program that can better meet the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. But numerous implementation issues remain to be worked through, if high-quality healthcare is to be achieved. To investigate these complex issues, NJ Spotlight brought together state leaders, long-term care providers, and community advocates to discuss problems and possible solutions.

Panelists: Valerie Harr, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, NJ Department of Human Services; state Sen. Joseph Vitale, vice chair of Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee; Michael Scarbrough, senior vice president, Amerigroup; Dr. Michael Ogg, patient advocate; Ken Wessel, Executive Director, HomeCare Options; Marily Askin, Chief Legislative Advocate, AARP-NJ; and Paul Langevin, president, Health Care Association of NJ

To purchase a DVD set from this seminar, please visit our online store. You can watch highlights from the roundtable in the player below, or visit NJSpotlight.com to view the roundtable in chapter form.




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