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I’m quoted on the CaféYak.com website in an article, “Eight Steps to Creating a Better Podcast,” by freelance writer Anna Harris. In the article, I make several recommendations to improve the quality of audio and video podcasts, which — as you already know — are recorded programs distributed over the Internet.

Some of the key points I make in the article:

  1. Tell me a story. That’s the same advice that [executive producer] Don Hewitt used to give to 60 Minutes reporters when they first started preparing the program 60 Minutes.
  2. Edit your podcast recording to remove superfluous or repetitive segments.
  3. One person talking in the microphone can be incredibly dull. It is always more engaging to listen to a group of people.
  4. Audio stories leave a lot to the imagination, so if you paint a picture with sound of the things you are talking about, it adds an interesting dimension to your podcast.
  5. Focus on sound quality – learn about compression, equalization, and how to edit to avoid disturbing jumps in sound quality.

What tips do you have about producing better podcasts?

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