NJ conference and event video producer Lubetkin demonstrates Red Giant Presto on Net Tuesday panel

Award-winning New Jersey conference and event videographer Steve Lubetkin demonstrated the revolutionary Red Giant Presto plugin tool for Sony Vegas Pro video editing software during the “Social Presentations: Evolving Past PowerPoint” panel at the July 2, 2013 Net Tuesday program sponsored by Philly Net Squared.

Red Giant Presto simulation
An example of a video produced with Red Giant Presto, showing the lecturer on screen alongside his visual presentation. Professional Podcasts creates all of its seminar and conference videos using this tool.

Presto enables video producers to combine a conference speaker and the visual aids being used in a single video frame in a way that makes the slides highly readable  while still maintaining the continuity of having the presenter speaking on screen at the same time.

“Most organizations think it’s adequate to use a single camera to capture a PowerPoint-style lecture from their conferences, but such videos often make the audience seasick with back-and-forth swinging of the camera between a barely legible projection screen and the speaker at a lectern,” said Lubetkin. “At Professional Podcasts, our approach is to use the latest technologies to produce high-quality conference and event video that integrates the speaker’s image and his/her slides in a single easy-to-view program that enhances an organization’s brand and reputation. Presto has been letting us do this for our clients for several years now.”

Examples of conference and lecture videos produced by Professional Podcasts using Red Giant Presto are on our website at this link.

The Net Tuesday program also featured demonstrations of tools aimed at helping nonprofit and social activist organizations create better public presentations that leverage technologies designed to support speakers in their programs.

“Everyone is aware of how social tools have enhanced the impact of videos, pictures and audio content. But presentations are another, tremendously effective medium of expression,” said Briana Morgan, of the Philadelphia Office of HIV Planning, moderator of the panel, who has used these tools for years. “We showed the audience how presentations created in PowerPoint, Keynote or Open Office can use services like SlideShare to reach more people and have greater impact. We also showed how to make the most of online presentation tools like Prezi and SlideRocket (or the new open source impress.js) to get our messages across.” Panelist Scott Pinkelman demonstrated impress.js and similar tools that deliver motion graphic effects like Prezi but with an open-source coding platform.

You can watch the entire Net Tuesday panel, including Steve’s presentation about Presto, in the video player below.


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