NJ Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association Launches Podcast Series With Lubetkin Communications’ New Professional Podcasts Subsidiary



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+1 (856) 751-5491 or steve@lubetkin.net
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NJ Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association (NJCAMA)
+1 (609) 896-4100 or jpteti@triangleart.com

NJ Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association Launches
Podcast Series With Lubetkin Communications’ New Professional Podcasts Subsidiary

CHERRY HILL, NJ – June 29, 2006 – The New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association (NJCAMA), taking advantage of rising interest in Internet-distributed audio programs (known as “podcasts”), has partnered with Cherry Hill-based Lubetkin Communications and its new subsidiary, Professional Podcasts LLC, to distribute podcasts of NJCAMA’s Spring Conference, “Create, Communicate, Connect: Best Practices for Effective Marketing and Communications.”

The NJCAMA Spring Conference was held June 1 at the Princeton campus of the Sarnoff Research Center, the birthplace of much of the radio and television technology that we take for granted today.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Lubetkin Communications to take advantage of podcasting technology to reach our members and other interested audiences,” said JP Teti, NJCAMA President. “Podcasting has especially useful applications for companies in our industry and our clients, such as distributing educational programming to employees, customers and prospects, with worldwide availability.”

“Using a podcast to provide useful information to its members and their customers demonstrates that NJCAMA has a clear vision for best-practices integration of such new social media into business applications, and underscores NJCAMA’s leading position in the marketing and communications-related fields,” said Steven L. Lubetkin, managing partner of Lubetkin & Co. Communications. “Like NJCAMA, companies should understand that podcasts can provide clients and other constituencies mission-critical information conveniently, without tying those audiences to a less-flexible programming format like a conference call or a web stream, where busy and time-constrained participants must gather at a common time. Podcast listeners get the information they need — at a time when they want it.”

The conference presentations are being distributed in three podcast programs produced by Lubetkin Communications, the leading producer of business podcasts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Speakers at the conference were:

• Michael MacDonald, the president of global accounts and marketing operations for Xerox Corporation. Mike is responsible for directing the company’s largest global accounts, improving Xerox’s customer experience, and also oversees marketing, e-marketing, the xerox.com website, advertising, marketing public relations, and marketing communications. Mike joined Xerox in 1977 and has held a number of positions in the sales and marketing units of the company.

• Bryan Eisenberg, co-founder and Chief Persuasion Officer of Future Now, and author of Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers when they don’t respond to traditional marketing. Bryan has been helping companies realize that maximizing their results means incorporating expert persuasion techniques into website design, email marketing, and other marketing tools.

• Gerry McGoldrick, senior vice president of performance marketing for Refinery. Refinery is a suburban Philadelphia agency working with clients on strategic consulting, creative, technology, user experience, search marketing and account and project management assignments. Gerry oversees all external marketing initiatives for Refinery and its clients, and leads the efforts of the search and analytic teams.

The programs are available for downloading and listening on computers or digital audio players at no charge at at NJCAMA’s website (http://www.njcama.org), and through the RSS feed for “Lubetkin’s Other Blog,” a podcast series about communications, public relations, and journalism (http://feeds.feedburner.com/lubetkinsotherblog).

Podcasts are digital audio or video recordings distributed using Internet technology. Visitors to an organization’s website can download podcast programs for review on their desktop computers, or synchronize them with a portable digital media device. Software programs called “feed readers” or “podcatchers” allow users to “subscribe” to podcasts at no cost, and receive new programs in a podcast series automatically.
In addition to the other web locations mentioned, the NJCAMA Podcasts are available through the Podcasts section of the Apple iTunes Music Store (www.itunes.com).

Lubetkin Communications is a leading provider of business podcasting services in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The firm launched its Internet broadcasting practice in April 2005, counseling clients about the effective use of podcasts and weblogs, or “blogs,” online journals that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees, and others. Lubetkin Communications has produced podcasts for ACE-INA Insurance and for Sun National Bank, Vineland, NJ.

The firm also produces podcasts for the South Jersey Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry Alliance, the Rutgers University School of Business Administration’s popular Quarterly Business Outlook Seminar, NJBankers, a trade association representing major banks in New Jersey, and for the Public Relations Society of America. The firm also produces its own podcasts focusing on public relations, computer technology, bond ratings, and interviews with book authors and other creative artists.

Lubetkin, a veteran of more than 25 years in corporate communications, a newspaper columnist and former broadcast news anchor, is a frequent speaker on technologies like blogging and podcasting. He also hosted more than 1,000 investor relations conference calls during a ten-year career on Wall Street that included producing the first-ever audio webcasts by a global bond rating agency. Lubetkin & Co. specializes in strategic communications advice for corporate clients, executives, and other organizations. Its website is www.lubetkin.net.

The New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1986. Its mission is to support a community of creative and business professionals with programs and resources that continually improve the effectiveness and integrity of communications, delivered through advertising, marketing programs, public relations and other tactical efforts. For more information, visit www.njcama.org.

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Editors, Note: Mr. Lubetkin is available to discuss how podcasting technology can help organizations communicate effectively with their audiences. Copies of the NJCAMA Podcasts are available on request. Please call Steve Lubetkin at (856) 751-5491 or email steve@lubetkin.net.

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