NEWS RELEASE: Voorhees, NJ based Knowledgeguard Inc. Delivers Fourth Year of Outstanding Technology Development

Good morning. We’re pleased to provide the following briefing on the activities of our client, Knowledgeguard Inc. of Voorhees, Camden County, NJ. If you are interested in developing a profile on Knowledgeguard and its sophisticated technology solutions for a wide range of New Jersey-based businesses, please let me know. Thanks, and take good care!


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Knowledgeguard Inc. Delivers Fourth Year

of Outstanding Technology Development


Voorhees-based Consulting Firm Supports Clients with Web Design, Digital Video, Custom Software Programming, and Computer Network Management Services


            VOORHEES, NJ – July 7, 2006 – Knowledgeguard Inc., an information technology consulting firm headquartered here, is celebrating its fourth year of delivering successful website designs, digital video, and a wide range of custom software applications to its clients.


            “We are particularly gratified by our clients’ strong support for the quality of our work through the long-term relationships we’ve developed with them,” said Steven Ogden, vice president of operations for Knowledgeguard. “Our team of designers and applications developers is supporting some of the fastest-growing companies in Southern New Jersey, and we believe our customers realize that a disciplined approach to the use of technology makes a big difference in their success.”


            Knowledgeguard’s sales revenues have increased more than 200% every year since the company was formed in 2002, Ogden said.


            Knowledgeguard develops eye-catching websites wit
h sophisticated capabilities that let its clients manage content themselves, sell goods and services through electronic commerce capabilities (e-commerce), and present such leading edge options as:

·                virtual video tours of offices, museums, golf courses, and other venues;

·                online video, animated, and kiosk-based presentations

·                database-driven applications and other custom software solutions


Knowledgeguard’s TownshipsOnline ( application provides an affordable website solution for busy municipal administrators, allowing them to update their websites easily, and permitting municipal departments to update and change only their department’s section of a larger township website.


Municipalities can provide residents with 24-hour access to town information such as meeting schedules, permits and applications databases, and municipal court information.


Municipalities currently using this Knowledgeguard technology are: Winslow Township, Mullica Township, and Tuckerton Borough.


The firm also supports clients with computer networking, wiring, Voice over IP (internet telephony), video production and digital photography, and corporate identity services for logos, letterheads, and other collateral materials.


Knowledgeguard Corporate Description


Knowledgeguard Inc., headquartered in Voorhees, NJ, provides technology based business solutions including web design, custom software applications, computer services, network security solutions, video and animation, photography, or IT consulting services.  


Leading the firm are Mark S. Ogden, President and Steven R. Ogden, Vice President of Operations. Mark Ogden has worked previously as a consultant, Senior Programmer, Database Administrator, MIS Manager, and Chief Information Officer. His technical background is based in system analysis, database administration (SQL Server, Informix), systems programming (Windows Client and Server) and Internet based systems.

Steve Ogden, a United States Marines Corps veteran, majored in Computer Science at Grantham College of Engineering. With over eight years of experience in web and graphics design, technical writing, and quality control, Steve ensures every project is completed with the utmost attention to detail.


Among Knowledgeguard’s clients are: Rastelli Foods, Swedesboro, NJ (, New Jersey Water Association (; Ron Jaworski’s Edgewood in the Pines Golf Course (,
Jaworski’s personal website, ( and the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (



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