NEWS RELEASE: Leadership New Jersey, Program to Educate Civic Leaders, Launches Podcasts With Cherry Hill-Based Professional Podcasts LLC

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Leadership New Jersey, Program to Educate Civic Leaders, Launches Podcasts

With Cherry Hill-Based Professional Podcasts LLC


CHERRY HILL, NJ – October 13, 2006 – Leadership New Jersey, a nonprofit organization that helps civic and business leaders to develop their knowledge of state issues and hone their skills to solve statewide problems, has launched a series of audio “podcasts,” or Internet-distributed audio programs, based on its recently completed “Forum on the Future of New Jersey,” an all-day conference on issues facing New Jersey held in Trenton earlier this month.

The podcasts were produced in cooperation with Cherry Hill-based Professional Podcasts LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications.

Recordings of the daylong seminar were divided into six podcast programs, each about one hour in length:


·                The Last 20 Years: A Report Card for New Jersey

·                Who We Are

·                How We Get Our Money

·                Keynote Address by Gov. Jon S. Corzine

·                Who Decides How We Spend Our Money

·                What We Spend It On


More information on panel participants is available at the podcast blog,, or at  

“We are very excited to be partnering with Professional Podcasts and Lubetkin Communications to take advantage of podcasting technology to advance Leadership New Jersey’s objective of making New Jersey a better place to live,” said Michael Willmann, CEO of WMSH Marketing Communications in Haddonfield, and a Leadership New Jersey Class of 2001 participant. “Podcasting is especially effective for distributing LNJ’s unique insights, because many of our Fellows– and others active in civic life — are busy professionals who need actionable information and news from us in a portable format.”

The podcast programs will be available for downloading and listening on computers or digital audio players at no charge at Leadership New Jersey’s website ( Visitors to the LNJ website can also get information on how to “subscribe” to distribution of the podcast so that they receive future episodes in the series automatically. (There is no charge for “subscribing” to podcasts). The programs are also available at no charge to subscribers to the Apple iTunes Music store ( The podcasts are also available in the Apple iTunes Music Store at this URL: Podcast listeners can also subscribe to the RSS “feed” for the podcast programs at

“Podcasts extend the longevity of a daylong panel like the Forum on the Future of New Jersey, so that interested audiences who couldn’t attend can still benefit from the content,” said Steven L. Lubetkin, managing partner of Professional Podcasts and Lubetkin Communications. “Leadership New Jersey has a clear vision for how to use podcasting as a business application, allowing busy and time-constrained listeners to get the information they need — at a time when they want it.”

Podcasts are digital audio or video recordings distributed using Internet technology. Visitors to an organization’s website can download podcast programs for review on their desktop computers, or synchronize them with a portable digital media device. Softwa
re programs called “feed readers” or “podcatchers” allow users to “subscribe” to podcasts at no cost, and receive new programs in a podcast series automatically.


About Leadership New Jersey

     Leadership New Jersey’s goal is to expand and improve the pool of the state’s civic leaders. The program, founded in 1986, honors men and women who combine a successful career with leadership in serving their communities. It challenges them to do more.

    Each year, LNJ selects a new group of about 50 emerging leaders from more than 100 applicants. Fellows come from all parts of the state and from diverse backgrounds in business, government, non-profits, the arts, health care, the professions, and labor. Their politics and philosophies differ, but they share a commitment to making New Jersey a better place in which to live and work.

    Leadership New Jersey is a program of The Partnership for New Jersey, an association of the chief executives of New Jersey’s major corporations and non-profit institutions. It has receieved generous financial support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, ADP, Bell Atlantic, The CIT Group, ETHICON, The Prudential, Merrill-Lynch, AT&T;, Atlantic Electric, Exxon Research and Engineering, GPU, Hoffman-La Roche, Johnson and Johnson, PSE&G;, SME Corporation, Summit Bank, and other Partnership members.

About Professional Podcasts LLC/Lubetkin Communications


Professional Podcasts LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications, is a leading provider of business podcasting services for corporations and professional organizations. The firm launched its Internet broadcasting practice in April 2005, counseling clients about the effective use of podcasts and blogs, online journals that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees, and others. The firm, which focuses on production of high-quality podcasts for clients, has produced podcasts for ACE-INA Insurance, Sun National Bank, the Rutgers University School of Business Administration’s popular Quarterly Business Outlook Seminar, NJBankers, a trade association representing major banks in New Jersey, Leadership NJ, and for the Public Relations Society of America. The firm also produces its own podcasts focusing on public relations, computer technology, bond ratings, and interviews with book authors.

            More information is available at or at


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Editors, Note: Mr. Lubetkin is available to discuss how podcasting technology can help organizations communicate effectively with their audiences. Copies of the LNJ podcasts are available on request. Please call Steve Lubetkin at (856) 751-5491 or email

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