NEWS RELEASE: Cherry Hill-Based Professional Podcasts LLC Reaches Programming Milestone; Programs Downloaded More than 200,000 Times



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CHERRY HILL, NJ – November 3, 2008 – Professional Podcasts LLC, the award-winning audio and video programming subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications LLC, has reached a significant milestone, with more than 200,000 downloads of its program content since it began producing podcasts in 2005. Podcasts are high quality audio and video programs distributed over the Internet.

The 200,000 download milestone, which represents total downloads of all content produced for clients, was surpassed during the first weekend of November 2008, according to Steve Lubetkin, managing partner of Professional Podcasts. Professional Podcasts first began delivering audio and video programs in 2005.

“Achieving 200,000 downloads of our program content is a clear indication that our broadcast-quality approach to podcast production is successfully attracting audiences to our clients’ presentations,” said Lubetkin. “High quality podcast content has an important place in the overall communications toolkit for companies, trade associations, professional groups and business services providers. Surveys show that increasing numbers of Internet users are downloading audio and video content, and smart companies know that reaching online audiences effectively means that they need to be actively producing this kind of content.”

Podcasts are digital audio or video recordings distributed using Internet technology, either through websites or a technology called an RSS feed. Visitors to an organization’s website can download podcast programs for review on their desktop computers, or synchronize them with a portable digital media device. Listeners can “subscribe” (at no cost) to podcast “feeds,” and receive new programs in a podcast series automatically.

Professional Podcasts also helps its clients make their programs available to more than 100 million owners of Apple iPod digital media players, who can download podcasts from the online iTunes Music Store (

About Professional Podcasts LLC/Lubetkin Communications

Professional Podcasts LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lubetkin Communications, is an award-winning provider of audio and video podcasting services for corporations and professional organizations. Since 2005, Professional Podcasts has been counseling clients about the effective use of social media, like podcasts and blogs (online journals) as tools that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees, and others.

The firm produces high-quality podcasts for ACE-INA Insurance, Sun National Bank, the Rutgers University School of Business Administration’s popular Quarterly Business Outlook Seminar; NAPL, a graphic communications trade association; the Financial Planning Association’s Philadelphia Chapter; Leadership NJ; and for the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians. The firm also produces its own podcasts focusing on public relations, computer technology, bond ratings, and interviews with book authors.

The company was recognized for its podcast quality with a 2008 Jasper Award from the Jersey Shore Public Relations & Advertising Association.

More information and sample audio podcasts are available at Video podcasts are available at

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Editors, Note: Mr. Lubetkin is available to discuss how podcasting technology can help organizations communicate effectively with their audiences. Please call Steve Lubetkin at (856) 751-5491 or email

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