New Podcast from ESIS Offers Insight on Best Practices for Designing a Global Claims Management Program

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ESIS, Inc., (“ESIS®”) a risk management services company of ACE USA, today announced that it has launched an audio podcast, or Internet-distributed program, on the best practices and considerations for designing a global claims risk management program. The podcast features a thought-provoking discussion by Steven Lulewicz, Assistant Vice President of ESIS® Global Claims Operations, who oversees ESIS’ centrally-managed international network of claims professionals in providing integrated and customized programs to enable risk managers to meet each customer’s needs and high performance standards.

In the discussion, Mr. Lulewicz explores the growing market need for organizations operating in the global arena and the multiple challenges and considerations facing today’s companies when choosing the right partner to provide comprehensive claim management services. From a market demand standpoint, the concept of claims management via a Third Party Administrator (TPA) outside the U.S. was not previously an option. “With the expansion of businesses of all sizes into the global marketplace, through acquisitions, global partnerships, and even the Internet, global insurance and risk managers sometimes find themselves in unfamiliar territory,” said Mr. Lulewicz. “As a result, companies and organizations that could potentially use the services of a TPA have challenged the market to provide alternatives to the traditional claims management approach.”

The podcast, one of an occasional series of audio podcasts that ACE USA has launched on selected risk management topics, examines the options available for companies and organizations that may wish to use the services of a TPA and the growing need for alternative claim management options that have not been generally available other than by purchase of a policy to cover risks managed by the insurer. In addition, Mr. Lulewicz also provides recommendations in developing an effective Global Claims Management Program, how technology supports these efforts, and shares an example of how a successful program structure would work.

“A disciplined approach based on three key principles is critical to effective global claims management,” added Mr. Lulewicz. “ESIS can provide innovation and efficiency. By introducing our highly-customized proprietary network for global claims we create efficiencies that save time and money—savings that we pass on to our clients. ESIS also offers dedication and sophistication through application of best claims practices and global claims management through our Global RiskAdvantage® system, where clients can access consolidated global claims information that is updated on a daily basis. This is important to today’s risk managers who are strategic in their thinking and constantly looking for new solutions.”

To access the ESIS Global Claims Management podcast audio program (approximately 14 minutes in length), please visit The material presented in the podcast is not intended to provide legal or other expert advice. It is presented for general information only. Listeners of this podcast should consult knowledgeable legal counsel or other experts with any questions. The above is only a summary; please see actual contracts for terms and conditions.

Organized in 1953, ESIS, Inc. (ESIS) provides sophisticated risk management services designed to help reduce our clients’ total cost of loss. ESIS takes a holistic approach that blends people, process and technology to offer programs that are customized to meet each client’s needs. ESIS is part of ACE USA, the U.S.-based retail operating division of the ACE Group of Companies, headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE). ACE USA is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s. ACE USA, through its underwriting companies, provides insurance products and services throughout the U.S. Additional information about ACE USA and its products and services can be found at Additional information about ESIS, Inc. and its products and services can be found at The ACE Group of Companies provides insurance and reinsurance for a diverse group of clients around the world.

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