New LMC podcasts for QBE North America feature self-funded health insurance

LMC has begun producing thought leadership podcasts for QBE North America, a division of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies. Located in 37 countries, QBE operates in all key global insurance markets and is considered a leading underwriter within its chosen markets. QBE has 14,000 employees worldwide.

LMC has been producing thought leadership podcasts in the financial services, trade association, and insurance industries for nearly 12 years. LMC’s first insurance industry podcasts were produced with ACE North America (now Chubb Insurance) beginning in 2006.

The first installment of podcasts for QBE features Steve Gransbury, President, Accident & Health, discussing the self-funded health insurance market and the options available for reducing and stabilizing healthcare costs.

You can read the QBE North America news release about these podcasts.

You can also listen to the QBE podcasts in the players below.

Part One


Part Two


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